International Tax Justice Blogging Day 2016

tax justice blogging day 2016
September 7th 2016 was International Tax Justice Blogging Day. On this day we campaigned to encourage people to become more aware of the effects of tax evasion. Tax campaigner activists, supported by over 20 organisations across Europe and the Global South as part of the EU project Tax Justice Together, wrote blogs to outline why they are campaigning in support of tax justice and why it is important to encourage young European citizens to be aware of issues around tax in their country. Partners promoted these blogs to create online noise and awareness on this important subject.

You can already read great blogs written especially for this day by Oxfam Novib’s Esmé Berkhout and ActionAid Zambia’s Webster Sinkala right here on MakeTaxFair.net. What follows is an overview of some of the excellent blogs published on other websites. Click on a title for the full blog post. Together strong to fight for Tax Justice!

Tax Evasion and Sustainable Development by Sara Stevenson
What are the effects of tax evasion on sustainable development and developing countries? Sara clearly and succinctly explains how companies are able to successfully evade taxes without legal repercussions and why we should all care about this corruption of the global economy.

Multinational Companies Are Avoiding To Pay Tax In Developing Countries by Sanne Schouwenburg
Multinationals are using the Netherlands as a tax haven to avoid paying taxes in developing countries like Uganda. Seeing as this is hurting tax revenues in both the developing countries and the Netherlands, international agreements should be made to put an end to such practices.

Tax As the Main Weapon Against Extreme Inequality by Stefan Verwer
(Belasting Als Belangrijkste Wapen Tegen Extreme Ongelijkheid)
We live in a world in which the richest 62 people own as much as the poorest 50% of the world’s population. And this inequality is only increasing. The key to turn the tide would be a fairer tax system, but this can only work if this would be agreed upon globally. This blog is only available in Dutch.

Entrepeneur: Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Blackmailed Any Longer by Frank van Kesteren
(Ondernemer: Laat Je Niet Langer Chanteren)
Because the Dutch government allows multinationals to use international constructions to evade taxes, small businesses in the Netherlands suffer from unfair competition and the tax authorities miss out on a whopping 5.5 billion Euros a year. But if such practices were to be prohibited these multinationals would take their business and jobs elsewhere, which would cost the Dutch economy even more. Or would it? This blog is only available in Dutch.

Tax Evasion by Jantine Brandemann
Countries need taxes to provide their citizens with essential services like health care, infrastructure and education. So when multinationals evade taxes, it’s the local population that suffers, especially in developing countries. To combat these shade international tax structures, more transparency is absolutely essential. This blog is only available in Dutch.