#TaxJustice for #PublicServices Global Week of Action

#TaxJustice for #Public Services Global Week of Action

This June the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, Public Services International, ITUC-Africa, ActionAid, Oxfam, Global Campaign for Education and several other partners will organize the  #TaxJustice for #PublicServices Global Week of Action, culminating in World Public Service Day, which was established by the UN in 2003.

During this week trade unions, civil society organizations and NGOs will organize events to raise awareness about issues connected to the funding and advancement of quality public services and social protections to fight poverty and inequality, and to ensure no one is left behind.

The timing of this event, before the upcoming G20 and SADC meetings, also offers an opportunity to raise our collective voice and give strength to our demands for tax justice. A key demand is for governments to back the call to establish an inclusive intergovernmental UN Global Tax Body, so that all countries – not just rich G20 countries – have an equal voice in determining international tax policies.

Please join in the #TaxJustice for #PublicServices Global Week of Action, which will last from 19-23 June 2017, ending with World Public Services Day (June 23rd). Join us in building public and political momentum globally to ensure our governments heed our common advocacy messages supporting our demands that governments:
  1. Use tax revenues to fund the public services and social protections that are the means to ending poverty and inequality.
  2. Make multinational corporations and the wealthy pay their share of taxes.
See the #TaxJustice for #PublicServices campaign web pages in English and Spanish. Please use the resources in the toolkit to get involved. Translations will be added where possible. Adapt action ideas and materials for your national context.  Strengthen the profile of our global movement by using the common campaign banner available in many languages, or ask us to make a banner especially for you. Let us know what you are planning so we can support and promote your actions widely! Please send your event details, news, photos, videos, and social media links to Marie or Teresa (GATJ)