Davos Inequality Action Week in Pakistan

Davos inequality action week Pakistan

As the world’s political and business leaders were gathered in Davos for the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, Oxfam in Pakistan organised the Davos Inequality Action Week. From January 16th-30th they organised all sorts of events to raise awareness about the ever increasing inequality.

Among these events were the launch of a summary of the Human Economy Report in both Urdu and English (which would be an integral part of all the subsequent planned events), the launch of a documentary on Neoliberalism and the launch of a new song, Hum Nojawan, by famous singer Jawad Ahmad, who’s also the campaign ambassador.

In light of this campaign Jawad Ahmad was present in person at both the Karachi press club and Hyderabad press club and also appeared on two TV shows, a live radio show and at an Equality Festival in Lahore. The summary of the Human Economy Report was presented at a high profile event of the Rwalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. There was national and international media coverage for this campaign on TV, radio, social media and in print and online news.

All in all, this campaign was a resounding succes!

For more details read the Action Report.