Successful National Tax Justice Youth Film Festival in Pakistan

The National Tax Justice Youth Film Festival in Pakistan, which Oxfam Pakistan and partners organized in December 2015, was a huge success. At this festival several movies about human rights and taxes were shown to provide information and create awareness among the people of Pakistan about the importance of fair taxation to achieve sustainable growth. The main focus here was on Pakistan’s youth, seeing as they will be the future tax payers and therefore have an important role to play in achieving a more prosperous future.


In addition to screening several other movies and short films, special attention went out to two documentaries in particular. One of these was made by dr. Ikramul Haq, who is a well known economist and tax expert from Pakistan. In this documentary he explains the systematic evolution of Pakistan’s unjust tax system since 1935. The other was made by Jawad Ahmad, a famous singer from Pakistan. This documentary shows the enormous gap in quality of life and opportunities that exists between the rich and poor in Pakistan, and how the current tax system helps maintain this status quo. Both documentaries were appreciated by the audience because they emphasize the need for reform of Pakistan’s current tax system.

The National Tax Justice Youth Film Festival received around 50 entries from all over Pakistan. All these entries were judged by a jury in a transparent process and the winners were announced at the festival.

Over four hundred people participated in this successful all-day event. Among them were representatives from international NGOs, CSOs/CBOs, government officials, university/college students from more than 50 institutions and diverse partners. Even more people followed the event through a live stream.

Newspapers, online and social media covered the event widely. We have added the links below for your information:

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