CRAFT Pakistan Policy Briefs and Publications

Below you can find the most recent policy briefs and publications of our CRAFT Pakistan team.


The publication “Equity in Tax Laws” explains how the tax burden in Pakistan is placed mostly on the shoulders of the poor while the rich profit, and what should be done to fix this unjust tax system.
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Equity in Tax Laws



Read this Policy Brief, “Sparing the Rich, Hurting the Poor”, to find out how Pakistan’s inequitable and unjust tax system fuels the unprecedented level of inflation the country has seen since 2008.
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Sparing the Rich, Hurting the Poor



This is another publication which clearly explains how Pakistan’s shamelessly unfair and inadequate tax system fuels inflation and burdens poor and vulnerable households.
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Inflation Study


Making Pakistan Tax fair“Those who control 90% of resources contribute less than 2% of total tax revenue.”
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Making Pakistan Tax Fair


Fair Taxation For Poverty Reduction and Equality“Better tax policy is essential to increase government revenues and to improve the lives of the poor. When taxes are fair and government spending prioritizes essential public services, both poverty and inequality can be reduced.”

Fair Taxation For Poverty Reduction And Equality