CRAFT Overall Progress

Stop unfair taxation as soon as possible. Inform yourself and contact the lead partner in your country to get involved. Fair taxation can truly make a significant change!

CRAFT Overall Progress

Here you find an overview of the most recent CRAFT reports. Combined they offer insight in the developments, achievements and challenges of the CRAFT project so far.

It will give you information about the importance of the project and the amount of effort that has already been put into addressing the issue of Fair Taxation. The issue is receiving attention from international organizations like the UN, the International Tax Compact and the Wold Bank Group. In cooperation with Oxfam Novib and the Tax Justice Network Africa our local lead partners have made substantial progress in applying the intervention strategies and contribute to change.

7th Meeting of CRAFT Stakeholders (June, 2014)
Last June the 7th Meeting of CRAFT Stakeholders took place in Nayvasha Kenia. The meeting was a two-day event that was divided into two sessions. The first day was a closed-door session for internal stakeholders and held focused discussions on practical project implementation. Representatives of all the stakeholders participated.

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Joint Oxfam International Inequality Campaign & CRAFT Sixth Strategy Meeting (February 2014)

In February 2014 a Joint Oxfam International Inequality Campaign & CRAFT Strategy Meeting was organized in Accra, Ghana, in the framework of the CRAFT project.

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The Capacity for Research and Advocacy for Fair Taxation (CRAFT) project was developed through collaboration between Oxfam Novib, Tax Justice Network – Africa and other country based partners in Uganda, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and Bangladesh with a view to achieve accountable, fair and pro – poor tax systems.

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For more country specific information you can check our country pages. Here you find information about the country and reports from their lead organizations.