September 13th 2019 marked the public release of a report by Oxfam on their Policy and Practice Website entitled "Gender and Taxes: The gendered nature of fiscal systems and the Fair Tax Monitor".

This report, destined for teams and their consultants but proving an interesting read for all, explains the role of the gendered-lens within the Fair Tax Monitor (FTM) project. More specifically, it highlights the importance of a gender-responsive fiscal system in promoting gender equality in countries where women suffer the consequences of corrupt or inefficient tax regimes.

Mostly invisible to those not present on the field, the disproportionate oppressive effects of almost every aspect of the tax system on women in developing countries are placing increasing economic pressure on their everyday lives. Even something so large-scale such as the corporate tax evasion currently ongoing in a lot of these countries is having harmful indirect effects on the women there, something this report explains in more detail.  It also provides ideas and recommendations as to how to combat these structural gender inequalities!

Read the full report here.