Make Tax Fair: Global Consortium

With the start of the CRAFT project in January 2012, a global consortium is engaged in building the research and advocacy capacity of civil society for fair taxation in several targeted countries. In doing so, we proactively seek the collaboration and cooperation of Tax Authorities and Ministries of Finance in these countries.

CRAFT increasingly provides a platform for dialogue between varieties of stakeholders realizing they have a common interest: raising and using taxes in their country in a fair way. Members of Parliaments and even a Minister from Uganda have been among our guests in CRAFT meetings.

Memorandum of Understanding

The consortium that implements CRAFT and signed an MoU in July in Entebbe, consists of:

So far the project has been supported by the International Tax Compact (ITC) of GIZ, the European Union, Tax Justice Network-Africa and Oxfam Novib.

Ways of Working

CRAFT is globally aligned to other initiatives and builds upon existing tools and good practices. Overall management is carried out by Oxfam Novib, while much of the implementation work is coordinated by the Tax Justice Network-Africa and country lead organizations situated within wider alliances.