Make Tax Fair: Campaign for Fair Taxation

Given the international nature of unfair tax systems, Oxfam is currently prioritizing fiscal justice and will utilize its global campaigning potential for progressive taxation.

Oxfams innovative strength lies in solid research, working between and across countries and leveraging local to global advocacy. In this way we are working to campaign for fair taxation by getting the voice of citizens heard and to challenge decisions made by (global) leaders. We also campaign for fair taxation in alliance with other organizations, which makes us part of a global movement. Moreover we use the media to amplify pressure for tax reform.

Tax Justice Network-Africa is uniquely placed to address this issue being the only specialized indigenous Africa-wide network. It gains increasing credibility to address tax policy reform from a rights-based perspective. Together we campaign for fair taxation.

Public Scrutiny

By enhancing civil society 's knowledge, research, alliances and advocacy capacity, an agenda for change will trigger campaigns and mobilize civil and public pressure to make tax fair. CSOs need to be supported to build networks and alliances to raise awareness, engage into policy advocacy and create linkages between national activities, continental work and global campaigns.

When citizens become more aware of their rights and responsibilities as tax payers, public scrutiny over revenue collection and allocation increases.

Demanding Transparency

Civil society has several means to promote fair and pro-poor tax systems. It can:

  • provide public forums (round tables) for informed discussions and reinforced public scrutiny of tax governance

  • promote a national dialogue on the desirability of more progressive taxation

  • engage in civic education and popular mobilization to increase willingness to pay taxes

In this way, civil society is well positioned to demand transparency on who pays how much tax and if necessary empower the campaign for fair taxation.