tax justice together conference 2016
Getting civil society organizations campaigning for tax justice together so they can learn from and inspire each other by exchanging experiences, strengthen their campaigning skills, look forward and explore common strategies to achieve tax justice. These are the objectives of the second Campaigners Conference, one of the flagship joint actions of the Tax Justice Together project, which will be held in Warsaw, Poland on November 22nd and 23rd 2016.

The Tax Justice Together Project was established in May 2015 as an EC funded project, which involves 24 organizations from 19 countries, including ActionAid and Oxfam. Its goal is to affect a policy change on a global, international and national level regarding key structural problems in the current tax system. Increasing critical understanding and active engagement is the key to achieve this goal, which is why finding exciting and engaging ways to get citizens in Europe and Global South talking about tax is essential.

March 2016, the first Campaigners Conference took place in Amsterdam. About 100 activists, campaigners, tax policy & advocacy experts, journalists, and trade union representatives from 27 countries across the globe participated in the event.

The conference is targeted at civil society organisations that are part of the Tax Justice Together Project and/or part of the broader movement of organisations working on tax justice. It will provide a great opportunity to take a look at the achievements of the project over these past 18 months and use the campaigning experiences of the different organizations and attendees to plan ahead and hone skills for working with new allies and people in the years to come.

For more information please contact Eva Garzón.