RCCI Annual Achievement Award For Oxfam In Pakistan
The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industries (RCCI) is the third largest chamber in Pakistan and an acclaimed business forum. Every year it acknowledges outstanding performance and innovation by its member companies with the Annual Achievement Awards.

This year, after working with them for three years, RCCI bestowed Oxfam with two honorary awards for its contribution to tax reforms and humanitarian response in Pakistan. The prestigious award for tax reforms is given in recognition of Oxfam’s significant contribution to the Tax Reforms Commission in Pakistan under its Tax Reforms Nexus Essential Services programme. This programme is in line with Oxfam's global policies on inequality and tax havens and also conforms to the government's intentions of creating a fair tax regime.

Oxfam in Pakistan advocates for fair, accountable and pro-poor tax systems. They do so by working to reduce incidences of indirect and regressive taxes, which perpetuate poverty traps.

Mr. Mohammed Qazilbash, Country Director for Oxfam in Pakistan, received the awards during the 29th RCCI International Achievement Awards 2016 in Dubai.