AxtionAid briefing making tax work for women’s rights
This briefing draws on ActionAid’s work on both women’s rights and tax justice. It makes the following points:

  • Women have a particular need for good quality public services because they: make up a majority of the poor; do the vast majority of unpaid care work particularly in developing countries; need specific services such as maternal health care and family planning and are frequently victims of gender based violence.

  • Governments must both maximize the tax revenue that they raise and make sure it is raised progressively i.e. raising a greater proportion of income in tax from the well off than from the poor.

  • Developing country governments are often missing out on large amounts of corporate income tax due to tax breaks given to business; our new finding is that 12 out of 15 developing countries which publish the amounts of tax they lose due to corporate tax incentives give away more than 0.5 per cent of their GDP.

In comparison developing country governments are spending only 0.03 per cent of GDP on programmes carried out by women’s ministries or agencies (average for 9 countries where data is available).

You can download the briefing here,

or you can find the entire blog post with a link to the briefing here.