The Fair Tax Monitor (FTM) is a unique evidence-based advocacy tool that identifies the main bottlenecks within tax systems and provides strong evidence for advocacy work at national and international level. The tool allows for a comparison of tax policies and practices in different countries, using a standardized methodology and unified research approach thanks to jointly developed common research framework. The 2016 pilot edition relies on data and analyses presented in the country reports from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Senegal and Uganda.

The pilot edition started in 2016 in 4 countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Senegal and Uganda.
The country reports are based on the 2016 common research framework, and the scoring has been done according to the 2016 methodology. The documents and country reports resulting from this pilot edition can be downloaded on the right side.

The Fair Tax Monitor team has not been idle since then: multiple improvements have been made, and more countries have been added to the list. In our latest overview you can view the participating countries of 2018. New research is underway.