In 2017 nine countries started to work on the next edition of the Fair Tax Monitor: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Senegal, Nigeria, Uganda and Tunisia. With these countries the Oxfam Team in The Hague and Tax Justice Network – Africa organised periodic skype calls to review the topics and to brainstorm on possible ways to improve the methodology and make sure it is suitable for all the participating countries.

Between July 2017 and November 2017 we tried out the draft (CRF) in the countries and gathered a first batch of data so we were able to have an informed discussion on the final review of the methodology during the face to face meeting we held in Entebbe on 6-8 November 2017.

In Entebbe we gathered with participants from all the nine participating countries, which included Oxfam staff, partner staff and researchers in addition to members of the coordination team from Oxfam in The Hague and from Tax Justice Network – Africa. The meeting was hosted by the Oxfam in Uganda.

The participants decided on adaptations and reformulations of the scoring questions, specifically adding substance to the gender analysis and explored ways to include “greening” of the tax system in the research methodology. Following the Entebbe workshop, a small group worked on the recommendations from the meeting and developed the final draft of the CRF and scoring methodology which countries are currently using to finalize their research. A number of issues coming out of the Entebbe workshop have been “parked” and will be taken up during the 2018 review taking place between April and October 2018.

Common Research Framework 2018: English Français

FTM Methodology 2018: English Français