The OXFAM-NOVIB office based in The Netherlands coordinates the project. From here we provide the lead organizations with advice on how to implement and structure the intervention strategies.

CRAFT progress reports are drafted in which overviews of the advancements are presented. Through an inventory of the key achievements, challenges and ways to move forward we aim to present all of the involved organizations, and the broader public, with general and country specific information. Based on this information countries and organizations can learn from each other's strategy implementations, accomplishments and challenges.

Making tax fair is a crucial part of the global challenge to meet with the Millenium Development Goals and provide developing countries with a constructive pro poor tax system which benefits the society as a whole.

The 7th CRAFT Meeting of Stakeholders in June 2014.

Last June, the 7th Meeting of CRAFT Stakeholders took place in Naivasha, Kenya. The meeting was a two-day event that was divided into two sessions.

The first day was a closed-door session for internal stakeholders and held focused discussions on practical project implementation. Representatives of all the stakeholders participated. A special welcome to the representatives of Tunisia and Niger. They will get their own country page shortly.

The second day was a joint conference with Africa chapter of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) partners on Illicit Financial Flows, Tax and Extractives. Very interesting presentations of key speakers led to comprehensive discussions and practical recommendations to move forward.

It is clear that a lot of effort has been made by involved stakeholders and individuals. Substantial efforts have been made to research the tax systems, to educate the general people, to build alliances and to organize them into democratic tools for change.

Changing the tax system of a country calls for perseverance. At the start of the project everybody knew that it would be a major challenge. The economic interests and the political nature of the tax system make this issue as important as it is difficult to effectively address and adjust.

Fortunately in many countries hopeful achievements have been accomplished. Mr. Mugambi wrote a comprehensive report about the meeting. This report is a must read for anyone who is interested in the CRAFT project or who wants to get involved in the development of a more fair tax system in their country.

The report offers:

  • a brief description of the background and objectives of the CRAFT project

  • a summary of the achievements and challenges per country

  • an overview of the presentations and discussions held on the second day

  • a summary of the highlights and conclusions/recommendations of the meeting

Download executive summary here

Download full report here

CRAFT Progress Report 2012 – 2013

The CRAFT Progress Report 2012-2013 provides an overview of the progress

  • per intervention strategy

  • per country and

  • at global level

Download the full report here.