The Fair Tax Monitor

For people who are striving for fairer taxation, reduced inequality and tax justice, the FTM is a unique evidence-based advocacy tool that identifies the main bottle necks in a national tax system. The FTM allows for a comparison of tax policies and practices of different countries, using a standardized methodology and unified research approach. The tool was developed as part of the FAIR/ Even-it-up program by Oxfam Novib and Tax Justice Network–Africa in collaboration with partners and Oxfam Country Offices in the pilot countries. For CSOs, the FTM is both a capacity strengthening tool as well as an advocacy tool as it enhances their understanding of the complex issues around fair taxation and inspires confidence to engage in critical dialogues with their policy makers.



The tool relies on the data and analyses presented in the country reports written with a common research framework.  Six indicators regarding tax administration, accountability, tax exemptions, progressivity, sufficiency and spending are aggregated to form a country score form zero till ten. The data is collected by an in-country research with technical support from Oxfam and TJN-A (Nairobi).

At later stages in the project, it will also enable the monitoring of progress in the countries over time.



It is anticipated that the project will grow in terms of number of countries and in terms of the quality of the framework and methodology. The project envisions to be regularly updated and to become a reliable source of information and analysis related to fiscal policies and practices.