Tuesday 8th of November Tax Justice Network Africa, Oxfam in partnership with the Okoa Uchumi Campaign will launch the Fair Tax Monitor Report. The event will be in Nairobi from 9-12AM EAT and can be followed online via the zoom link below.

Kenya is currently experiencing a debt servicing crisis, which has consumed 50% of its revenue. This results in less than 10-15% of the national budget expended on critical social sectors including health, agriculture, and social protection. The economic impact brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak has made this situation worse. As a result, Kenya’s government has been under pressure to increase revenue for the past five years and has used unequitable means of raising tax revenue including excise duty while still maintaining a plethora of unevaluated tax incentives and exemptions and failing to effectively tax wealth.

The Tax Justice Network Africa and Oxfam Kenya have worked along with other civil society organizations under the auspices of the Okoa Uchumi Campaign coalition to conduct a research that evaluates the fairness of Kenya’s tax system. In terms of achieving progressive taxation, the Fair Tax Monitor Report reveals that Kenya has made some progress, including  measures to stop illicit financial flows. However, there are still some areas that exhibit negative trends and require improvement, such as increasing spending on social sectors by quickly rationalizing existing debt and this report makes recommendations to improve Kenya’s tax system in a fair and equitable way.

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